Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blanket Making

I've recently started a list of things I want to learn from my Mum. There are so many things that only Mum can do, and I want to know her secrets. Everyone loves the blankets Mum sews. They're bigger and cozier than anything store bought.
A friend's recent delivery gave me the opportunity. Here is proof of my first blanket making session and the Junebug enjoying my efforts.
Next on my list - Cinnamon buns!


Brenda Funk said...

We had so much fun! And the Junebug looks so pretty in pink! Love MOM

Linda said...

This is a good time for you to learn some of those things from your mom. Love the blanket!

joyce said...

your mom is beautiful.
I have so much to learn from my mom, yet she is 81 and I am not sure I will learn what I wish I would before her time is up.