Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lovely Weekend

The weekend was lovely. One of the best parts was the purge - in two days we sold or gave away 3 large bits of stuff. Namely a desk, big screen TV, and old couch. The entire house is cleaner, cozier. I like some stuff. But not too much. Not clutter.

On Saturday evening the husband and I had an official date. A romantic dinner was followed by a thought provoking movie. We had our entire house to ourselves. We celebrated our relationship and enjoyed our non-parent status while looking forward to the Kid's arrival. Next time we want to go out like that we'll have to have a babysitter!

Sunday involved time spent with the Husband's niece and nephew. We made pizza from scratch, went bowling, and enjoyed ice cream. This was followed up by tea at the in-laws.

It was practically perfect.


Michele said...

what was the thought provoking movie?

Valerie Ruth said...

It was called Bella. It's in cheap theater... you'd like it!