Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday 13

I'm on maternity leave. I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant. And I've been working full time. Now I'm off. No baby to occupy my time. No schedule. No car. But I have things to do - stuff to accomplish! Here are 13 things I want to get done before Baby arrives:

1) Prime the trim for the nursery

2) Read a couple of books

3) Enjoy hot baths

4) And long walks with my dog

5) Cook. Maybe even bake.

6) Get all the pictures on my digital camera printed and organized so that the memory card will be empty

7) Create a document for my continuous development requirements for my career. Sooner or later I will be audited.

8) Organize paperwork and file in the filing cabinet

9) Make my house feel like my own again. I swear I've been living here the least over the last 6 mths.

10) Buy a mattress for the crib

11) Get my hair cut and highlighted

12) Have a pedicure, courtesy of the Gyne Oncology group

13) Attempt to appreciate time alone. I understand this is now a limited time offer. Never again shall I be childless.

1 comment:

Brenda Funk said...

You are such an awesome writer! Maybe after you're tired of being a nurse, you can become a journalist. But my feelings are hurt because I didn't make it onto your list -- spending a shopping day with your Mom!!